Features & Journalism(ish)

One of the best parts about freelancing is that I get to write about a little bit of everything. Here are some recent highlights.

The Art of Raising Creative Kids

Dream Home: Behind the Design with Gray Malin

Feline Fiction: Cat Mysteries are booming

Holiday Office Party Etiquette
in the Era of #Metoo

Curating a Travelogue Home
with Justina Blakeney

Outdoor entertaining
with Athena Calderone

Fashion Editorial

As the managing editor of Anthropologie’s monthly catalog, I took editorial copy from concept through release. Highlights included the branding of Anthropologie & Co., a new series of large-format lifestyle stores, and Studio Sessions, a recurring series profiling artists and collaborators.

Social Media

Personally, I try to lay low on Instagram. But I do love helping brands find their voice and connect with new audiences via social media. As the former copywriter behind the @Anthropologie curtain, I regularly chatted up 5M+ followers across channels.

Marketing & Promotional

Occasionally, I’m trying to sell you something. But if I’m doing my job right, you’ll smile in the process—or at least open the email. Marketing emails, advertisements, signage, postcard mailers—you name it, it’s probably come across my desk. 

Essays & Columns

Most journalists will tell you that they don’t like talking about themselves, but for the most part, that’s simply not true—it’s just that nobody ever asks.

My bi-monthly column, “Broad Street,” ran in the print and digital editions of Philadelphia magazine, where it routinely ranked among the most-clicked. Scroll through for highlights, and check out my archived work here.

This & That Editorial

Like most people who do this for a living, I write a lot. Then I get up and write some more. These were fun, and I don’t want to lose them in the Internet ether.